Photo Why do you have to visit Edingburgh at least once in your life?

Why do you have to visit Edingburgh at least once in your life?

Who never dreams of visiting this old city in the north of the United Kingdom? Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland interests many visitors from all over the world each year. People visit this town for many reasons; for historical reasons, musical reasons, pleasures, food or just a longing to discover.

Edinburgh deserves to be visited thanks to its precious and excellent attractions. There are travel agencies there to enable you to discover this area easily and successfully. Opodo is one of the best ones. Before you die, visit Edinburgh even once only.

There are always feasts in this town

The capital of Scotland has the biggest yearly festival in the world. Every year, there are 12 festivals in Edinburgh. You will have the opportunity to attend at least 2 of these if you plan to go there. Your day will be full of joy and good feeling because it is really the best moment to have fun. Shows are everywhere because more than 2000 artists. Two of these festivals are the most popular. 

  •  International festival of music and theater: About 10 million people from all over the world arrive there to attend this festival. 
  •  Fringe Festival: This is especially artistic, all the roads are covered of shows and theaters, and everyone can dance during the festival.

A town of historical monuments and museums

Edinburgh is thought to be the reflection of the past thanks to its variety of the monuments and museums. Many medieval arts are kept in this area. You will be conveyed in another era when you visit Saint Gill Cathedral or the Holy-rood Palace.

In the National Gallery of Scotland are kept the European paintings and sculptures of the Renaissance. The Castle of Edinburgh, on the rocky volcanic mountain, that place will make you remember the battle and the rivalry between the Scottish and the English in the past.

Museum of Scottish Royal is archeology and science emplacements. The vestige of the first clone is kept in that museum. In order to visit more, you should travel around the town.

A good place to taste all seafood

If you are crazy about seafood, your longing will be satisfied once you are there. As Edinburgh is surrounded by water, fish is abundant. In Leith, a littoral area in Edinburgh, the restaurant and serve you all the local seafood.

A town full of amazing places

Beautiful places are seen everywhere. The view from the Edinburgh Castle is incredible. It is one of the most visited attractions in UK. 

  • Palace of Holyrood house and Holyrood Abbey will make you daydream about the royal life. 
  • The Royal Botanic Garden is an excellent place to walk.

Book your hotel and trip online

To help you to find a house to live during your stay in Edinburgh, you can rely on It is present in the area. Thanks to their collaboration with many hotels and travel agency, your book and recommendation can be done online.

They are always available and are ready to respond your needs about your accommodation and trip. If you need more information, do not hesitate to visit their website. They will show the best circuit to make your visit more unforgettable.

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